Chris was doing all of the right things

Blogging, newsletters, LinkedIn, ebooks, online courses.

But when he first came to us, that flood of ready-to-buy leads content marketing always promises still hadn’t shown up.

With a few tweaks in strategy, we were able to:

  • Increase the qualified prospects coming from his website from 16 per month to 106 per month
  • Free up more of his time to deliver high-ticket training seminars, and create new products
  • Automate his marketing to the point where he could take a few weeks off to go camping and come back to subscribers, sales, and a full pipeline

Are you in the same boat as Chris?

We help specialized consulting firms who are ready to...

Step out of the principal-as-sole-biz-dev phase and... 

Build an email-based lead generation system that...

Creates a predictable flow of qualified prospects.

If that sounds like you, click the button and we'll figure out if and how email marketing could bring value to your firm.

What would a consistent, predictable flow of qualified prospects mean for your firm?

You're an expert at what you do, and are committed to delivering meaningful results for your clients.

So why is your week filled with scattershot social media updates, unproductive networking events, and follow ups to chase down leads who seemed ready to buy but instead went radio-silent?

If that wasn't the case...

  • Could you start to scale like you’ve always wanted to, and grow the impact of your practice, philosophy, and thought leadership?
email for experts revenue graphic
  • Could you actually step away from the day-to-day without the gears grinding to a halt (and having run around to pick up the pieces when you get back)?
  • Could you spend less time on marketing and sales, and more time on those few key things you do that no one else can?

What if instead of rehashing more of the same marketing tactics you always use, you decided to make a change...

  • You get into the office, and unlike the usual “Who do I need to reach out to today?” method of drumming up new business, you already know where your next lead is coming from before you even open your laptop.
  • You open up your calendar. It’s already filled with appointments, which have come in while you were at lunch, on another client call, or overnight while you were at home, nowhere near an inbox or phone. And these are not just your run-of-the-mill "What is it that you do?" tire-kickers. These are qualified, high-quality leads who are already bought in to your way of doing things.
  • When you dial into your typically hit-or-miss sales calls, something is different. Because the prospect you’re talking to has already seen your process, your philosophy, and the benefits of your service, it doesn’t take the usual “Let’s see if we can get them there” effort you’re used to in order to make the sale.

This is the magic of email marketing, and it has the potential to change your business for good.

Email Marketing for Expert Firms

We’ll remove the "spray and pray" guesswork and help you use  email-based expertise-driven inbound marketing to create a consistent flow of ready-to-buy consulting service leads.

"Tom and his team are extremely talented at what they do. They were instrumental in our process for implementing e-mail funnels. Outstanding copywriting skills that showed good research of the brand and matched the look and feel of what we had been doing prior to working with Tom. I highly recommend his services!"

Tim Ulbrich | Co-Founder, Your Financial Pharmacist

tim ulbrich

"Tom is a total pro and gave us a multitude of excellent ideas to revamp our email marketing... we are extremely happy with the outcome. We will definitely be working with Tom in the future... Highly recommended."

Kfir Alfia | Managing Partner, Maestro PA

"When I hire consultants, I look for the absolute best I can get, and that's why I work with Tom. He came incredibly well-reviewed so it was an easy choice. Tom is an expert at his craft and has absolutely delivered everything I expected."

Jeff Hall | President, ZipHearing

jeff hall

"He is creative, thorough, timely, and an excellent communicator. I can't say enough positive things about Tom and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for superior online marketing support."

Ann Dolin | President, EC Tutoring

If It Doesn't Produce Results, We Don't Do It

We're not just another marketing budget line-item. We operate as your strategic advisor, even if that "advice" means firing ourselves and recommending another approach.

"I've worked with Tom on a few projects. Tom is great with communication and goes over and above to give you a great product. I would highly recommend Tom and his work."

Scott Bowen | Rooted Music Online

"Tom executed the project excellently, in fact, he continued to overdeliver right from the start of the project all the way until the end. Tom is not just a copywriter, he is also an advisor on best practices and has a great eye for detail. I highly recommend him..."

Bart Pluskota | Co-Founder, Zerouno Group

"I can't be happier that I've found Tom. He is very professional, very thorough when researching topics, has excellent communication skills. His style of writing is exactly what I was looking for! He did an amazing job helping me with my blog posts and building my email funnel. Highly recommended!"

Yuri Kriventsoff |

"Tom is the best when it comes to complete funnel setup and copywriting... Amazing work as always!"

Paul Hill |

"Before I met Tom, my business was doing well (we’re a niche accounting, tax and consulting firm). For a number of years, I had been slowly building an email list and was in the middle of launching an online course that would serve our audience (craft breweries). I knew there was an untapped opportunity to scale out our expertise beyond just me and my team.

I reached out to Tom after my few attempts at a launch fell short. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but knew I had to bring in someone who had done this before. Within a very short period of time, he challenged my assumptions and worked with me to go back to the drawing board, validate an entirely new course idea with pre-sales in hand, develop the content, and launch it to my list. That first launch converted over 3% of my 850 email subscribers into sales and more than paid for the time and effort we invested in the process.

From there we’ve continued to build out the sales funnel and make the program more expansive with additional content and high-ticket consulting options. All together we’ve converted over 10% of my email subscribers to date into customers.

Tom also helped us develop an updated inbound marketing strategy by redesigning our website and developing a quiz to segment new subscribers. Since then we’ve seen a 2x increase in the number of new qualified leads without any changes in our website traffic.

This is just the beginning of our work together, but I’m blown away by the progress we’ve made so far, and couldn’t have gotten it here without Tom’s help. If you’re an expert at what you do, but still haven’t got the marketing piece of the puzzle quite right, don’t hesitate. Tom is your guy."

Chris Farmand | CEO, Small Batch Standard

If you're ready to explore... 

...whether email marketing is right for your firm.

This is potentially for you if...

  • You have a proven service that generates consistent revenue and results for your clients
  • You have a reliable sales process in place 
  • You have established a specialization and/or thought leadership in your industry
  • check
    You’re ready to grow your firm using content and email marketing

This is not for you if...

  • You’re just starting out (we only work with established businesses)
  • You're not sold on the value of email marketing
  • You’re not open to new ideas, systems, and approaches
  • You’re looking to go in guns-a-blazin’ (this is a process and requires patience to really get right)



A 45-minute Call with Tom to explore your goals and opportunities to use email to grow your business.

  • You tell me a bit about your business, your target audience, your services, and the marketing you have in place currently.
  • We'll review your goals and growth targets and uncover if an email-based marketing approach could deliver value to your firm.
  • check
    We'll determine whether we could be fit to work together and I'll walk you through the options I recommend either way.

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