lead gen mistakes the office

A list of lead gen mistakes

One thing we all do, as the unrelenting optimists that we are, is place our focus on this question: “How do I ensure that this goes right?” A question we often don’t ask is: “How would I ensure that this goes wrong?” Now here’s where I would put some sort of Berkshire Hathaway quote because […]

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find out value

How do I find out what they value?

In response to Tuesday’s email, list member Stephen Kuenzli, founder of Qualimente writes: “My question to you is: How do I find out what they value? “Just” ask? Part of me is terrified to ask that question, and part of me thinks it’s easy.” First off, “yes and yes.” Yes, I’m also partially terrified to […]

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hidden value treasure

More on hidden value

So the other thing that happens when you uncover the true-yet-hidden value embedded in your service… Is that now you have something worth talking about. A problem to solve or an opportunity to capitalize on that you can put your finger on in a way that starts to draw meaningful attention from your prospective clients […]

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where value lies

Principle: Meet them where the value lies

From a recent client conversation: “A client referral is a slam dunk… but new prospects drag out forever.” You didn’t say that, but you very well could have. Let’s talk about why. You have clients who are thrilled with your service. Referrals close quickly (sometimes that very week). But the sales cycle for new prospects […]

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risk really risky grass

Is risk really risky?

On Friday I had a conversation with a firm owner over dinner, and we meandered our way around to talking about careers and risk. Then he said (paraphrased) the thing that every independent I know (barring the 1% of 1% who have never contemplated for a second working for someone else) thinks about every so […]

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marketing mismatch monologue

More marketing mismatch monologue

People who are playing the generalist volume game are (naturally) more likely to appear in your feed, search, and inbox. As a result, that’s the game that we all see being played. But that’s almost never the game that we need to play. And this mismatch is what drives almost all of the failed marketing […]

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things email list swanson

A list of things an email list is for

You know that thing that happens when you sit down to work… And get so wrapped up in one particular aspect of a project that you look up, it’s 5:47pm, and you’re like: Okay, where am I right now? Yea so (a) that happens to me all the friggin’ time, and (b) it happened to […]

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go to the station

Go to the station.

The train will appear. Thank you Steven Pressfield, for this esoteric one-liner that blew my mind yesterday. Sometimes you need to research and understand the problem. Sometimes you need to strategize and plan. But sometimes, what you need is a blind commitment to the process, without which you’ll never achieve traction and forward momentum. Start […]

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what you see correlation

When what you see is not what you get

Yesterday I highlighted the survivorship bias that comes along with goal setting. Which is a manifestation of the broader problem we have of conflating correlation and causation. Take, for example, the almost perfect correlation (r=0.947) between per capita cheese consumption and the number of people who have died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets (brought […]

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winners losers goals feature

Winners and losers have the same goals

James Clear loves systems. James Clear is my kinda guy. And he has one of the best takes I’ve seen on the function of goals and systems… and the mistakes we make in conflating the two, in his book Atomic Habits: “Prevailing wisdom claims that the best way to achieve what we want in life—getting […]

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