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The power of patience

Why do I get the sense… That in reality, most marketing problems could be solved via this single piece of advice?

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The Selling Ideas Problem

Alright, let’s recap. Last week we established that most consulting firms haven’t quite solved the lead generation problem. One reason this may be the case is a lack of transparency into what works and what doesn’t. Another may be related to a 1-to-1 dependency on the principal’s time for business development: The Revenue Roller Coaster …

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How to find the problem

A bit more on the problem-finding question from yesterday. Is lead generation really the problem? Or is there something else about your business that needs to be addressed? Locating the problem first is important. And Dan and Chip Heath (in their book Decisive) give us a framework for doing this via a process they call …

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The Revenue Roller Coaster Problem

Aside from the transparency problem we discussed yesterday… Another (and I think more significant) contributor to the difficulties consulting firms experience with lead generation is what we’re calling The Revenue Roller Coaster Problem. It goes something like this: Principals are responsible for generating business. In order to do so, they typically have to invest a …

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the lead generation transparency problem

The Transparency Problem

Last week I sent over the first two findings from the CLG study to kick off the discussion with some details on the problem we’re aiming to solve. Virtually all of the bad marketing advice we’re mired with neglects this context, so I think it’s worth it to spend some time wading through the details. …

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