what do you do

What do you do that no one else can claim to do?

On Tuesday, I had a conversation with a client… And we came upon this question: “What do you do that no one else can claim to do?” It’s a way of separating out a meaningful differentiator that we can build a marketing message around that hits home. As in, not something that you do better, […]

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research outreach details part2 thumb

Custom (Yet Scalable) Market Research Outreach: The Details, Part 2

Okay, here’s Part 2 of the dive-into-the-weeds details of the research outreach email campaign I’m sending. Yesterday’s Part 1 video covered cohort setup (how I selected, cleaned, and organized the first group of prospects). Today’s video covers: How I’ve built out the email campaign within Prospect.io An explanation of how I’ve structured the follow-ups (content, […]

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social media works photo

I never thought social media would “work” (and that was dumb)

My wife captures beautiful moments on camera for young families. And over the weekend we were chatting about how to make more time for her to book photography sessions now that our youngest is out of the scream-bloody-murder-when-mommy-leaves-the-room phase. Along with that, we’re giving her website an upgrade and she’s starting to play around with […]

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three words lead generation feature

The three words that matter (for lead generation)

If I could only use three words… Within the lead generation roadmapping sessions I conduct with new clients. Those three words would be: Patience, focus, and consistency. Patience: Financially, so that you maintain leverage Psychologically, so that you don’t come across anxious or needy Socially, so that you give others a chance to be heard […]

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more content physics

More content marketing physics

Every time you say something to a prospective client that hits home. Every time you publish an email that captures a new way of thinking about a problem that is helpful or challenging for someone in your market. Every time you post a little nugget on LinkedIn it gets a few likes and comments from […]

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cold email CEO example

The cold email this CEO opened immediately

I’ve been tango-ing with the topic of cold outreach recently. (The Backlinko cold email study, the research outreach methodology I’m using to reach busy people in their inboxes, etc.) And part of the reason for that is I’d like to clear the fog and assuage some of the trepidation that even those principals most committed […]

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consulting market insight questions arc

Consulting Market Insight: What questions should I ask?

Within the next week or so, I’m going to be kicking off the “Phase 1” interview outreach I mentioned yesterday. My goal is to ask some open-ended questions that will hopefully lead to a slew of mind-bending “aha” moments… Or I’ll just hear the same answers I’ve already heard over and over again and have […]

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consulting research strategy phase 1

Consulting Research Update: My two-phase strategy

Time for another consulting firm lead gen research project update (last update, overall project scope). I’m hitting the point now where I’ve obtained some basic information by sifting through curated lists of firms and asking questions here and there to new LinkedIn connections… But will need to start some form of more serious interview data […]

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