physics of content formula

The physics of B2B content marketing

Confession time. I might be a nerd. Back in the day, I used to tutor engineering students in mechanics… and I think got far more enjoyment out of solving those practice problems than would be considered healthy. In fact, this is right about the time where my wife starts to look at me cockeyed with […]

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Garyvee’s “Other” Advice: Get them to come to you

The last time I brought up Garyvee, it was to highlight his “jab, jab, jab, right hook” approach to content marketing. Give without expectation of return, first. Then ask. But in many ways, Gary isn’t exactly following his own advice… And it’s because that particular piece of advice wasn’t intended for B2B. Sure he asks […]

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backlinko outreach study

Backlinko analyzed 12 million outreach emails

When Brian Dean speaks, I listen. And recently he took a slight detour from his gold-laden SEO advice to publish a study over at Backlinko on cold email outreach that I thought was fascinating. My takeaways: Ignorance is our default mode for emails received without prior consent. They found that “only 8.5% of all outreach […]

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different marketing math

A different type of marketing math

Yesterday, I suggested that the “marketing calculus” appropriate for generating new consulting engagements is a different one altogether than that of a more standardized, high-volume business. Here’s what I mean: Figuring out how to sell more ugly sweaters is one thing (not a diss, this is big business). Like mosquito eradication, it’s clear cut. Did […]

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mosquito joe

Should you market like Mosquito Joe?

This is Mosquito Joe. Well, actually I doubt this particular fellow’s name is Joe. But nonetheless, Mosquito Joe does the Lord’s work. Because right about this time of year, in Middle Tennessee (and more broadly across the southeastern U.S.), a swarm of evil, blood-sucking creatures start to brood in the back yards of innocent, unsuspecting […]

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lead gen race cleverly

The lead gen race to the bottom

Well. As I was mulling over my aspirational “call to arms” yesterday… I decided against it. It seems like a whole lot of work. And besides, I came across something way easier: Dream clients? Positive responses? Scale leads on “Linked” for only $99!? But wait… What’s this? An InMail?? Must be important! Forget this Cleverly […]

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marketing mismatch problem

A marketing mismatch problem

“Digital Marketing” (as most people know it) was built for B2C. E-Commerce. Saas. Even brick and mortar and the local service industry have been dragged along, grumpy about the “new stuff.” The consulting world, by contrast, seems to run almost wholly on network and pedigree. Unfortunately, small boutique firms usually have neither… at least not […]

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what networking means

What “networking” actually means

If I had a bet to place on what answer I expect to come back when I ask a consultant, “What’s been your primary lead generation source for new business?” No hesitation, I’d put it all on… networking Now, when I probe a bit deeper and ask for specifics, it’s quickly revealed that “networking” is […]

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early linkedin process walkthrough

My early stage process for LinkedIn lead generation

So in addition to framing my approach to lead generation in flywheel terms… I also threw out a concept last week that seemed to stir up some interest among list members: The LinkedIn Sandbox Ooooo, what’s that? Sounds official and well-developed. Tell me more! Welp… Hate to disappoint, but I made it up on the […]

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