break through the noise businessman

How do we break through the noise?

Right before wrapping up last Friday, I had the opportunity to chat with an impressive consulting firm owner on a discovery call. His firm, by most measures, seemed like they could benefit from an email marketing program: They have a niche specialization (although the “vertical” portion could be made more outwardly clear). They help their …

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structure bridge

Structure (and what it enables)

Jocko Willink says: “Discipline equals freedom.” Steven Pressfield says: “Remember, the Muse favors working stiffs.” Both are putting their finger on something critically important. Something that, instead of limiting our creativity, complexity, nuance… everything else “human” about the business we’re in… enables those things. That something is structure. I’m a methodical introvert. I love structure …

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everything is user experience trend

Everything is user experience

Hey there. What I wanted to talk about today was how the concept of user experience (UX) feels like it’s somehow been siloed within the “product” arm of tech companies and design firms… And that this is a mistake. I was going to nicely tie this in with the service sales page approach I illustrated …

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seriously icky direct marketing fyre

Seriously icky direct marketing

A few days ago, something rare happened. My wife and I found ourselves with a few hours together after the kids went to bed, and we weren’t so exhausted that we immediately passed out after our standard 1.2 episodes of The Office. So we decided to branch out and attempt to navigate around the wall …

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