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Principle: Context first

Just to recap, this week we’re talking about context. On Monday I introduced the idea that email isn’t just for marketing, but can help you achieve objectives in all 5 Parts of Every Business. Yesterday, we ventured down the “buyer awareness” rabbit hole. Conclusion: where your prospect’s awareness lies should affect how you decide to […]

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Email isn’t just for “Marketing”

“Marketing is the art and science of finding prospects – people who are actively interested in what you have to offer.” ~ Josh Kaufman, The Personal MBA That book changed my life. Not because it introduced any sort of ground-breaking secrets or insights about how to start or run a business… but because it distilled […]

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Question: Where do your sales prospects get hung up?

Question of the week: Where do new prospects get “hung up” in your sales pipeline? I do have a hidden agenda with this that will be revealed momentarily… but it’s also a great exercise in prioritization. If you’re anything like me, wasting a whole bunch of time and money trying to market yourself using various […]

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Principle: Write like a real person

Speaking of first principles, let’s dig into one. Principle: Write like a real person. One unfortunate side effect of looking to examples of “good” email campaigns, or searching for copywriting tips as you’re putting together something to send off to your list… Is that you end up creating a “standard marketing email” end product before […]

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Email from first principles

There’s something that Elon Musk likes to say that has fascinated me ever since I first heard it: “I tend to approach things from a physics framework. And physics teaches you to reason from first principles rather than by analogy. So I said, OK, let’s look at the first principles. What is a rocket made […]

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You’re already an email marketer

Email marketing isn’t really something you can decide NOT to do. I threw this line out there yesterday. Now it’s time to explain. Let’s take a step back and walk through an example. — You have a long-standing client. One of your steady regulars you can rely on year after year. They’ve used your firm […]

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The case for email

I sold you on subscribing to this list… With the promise of delivering email marketing strategy and tactics that are specifically “tuned” to businesses like yours. Things like… Frameworks you can use to turn “drive-by” website visitors into long-term lead-producing relationships. Automation tools you can use to “delegate” and systematize this or that piece of […]

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