Using email to connect the dots

Remember back as a teenager when you didn’t understand why your dad made that odd grunting noise every time he got up or sat down… and just assumed he was defective in some way.

Well, over the weekend I hauled about 30% of our current house into the new house we’ll be moving into this week.

And right now as I’m typing this at approximately 7.8 WPM, sore as hell, breathing weird and making all of those same odd noises… I finally have some empathy for the guy.

Which begs the question: Why?

Well first off, asking for help moving is one of those things that everyone feels obligated to say “yes” to, but secretly loathes and has to find an acceptable way to make themselves scarce…

using email to connect the dots homer

So I didn’t bother. Hence the soreness.

(Plus, the last time we hired a moving company they dinged up all of our furniture, and I think my wife is still peeved 3 years later.)

But this email right here happened because it’s the one thing I can do to keep the engine turning over, regardless of what else is going on.

It’s an asset that, if you can continue to invest in it consistently, will pay dividends almost in perpetuity.

Something I wrote on the very first day of this email series:

I’m hoping to convince you that email marketing is more than just an outreach tool, an optimization tool, a sales tool, a client retention tool, etc.

That its true value is in the way it “glues” everything you communicate to your prospects and clients together in a convenient, robust, platform-proof way.

This week we’ll apply some of that glue and continue to connect the dots between our prospect’s entrance into our lead generation funnel and the end goal (filling out our pre-qualification form and scheduling a call).

And email (hooked up to a couple pages on your website) is the tool for the job.

One way to achieve this that is particularly effective is through:

  1. A valuable opt-in offer
  2. A welcome/onboarding sequence
  3. A sales sequence mapped to a service sales page

This particular “formula” has any number of different variations we could apply, so I’m going to keep it fairly simple and linear for now.

But it’ll illustrate the core idea:

Give your lead the information they need, in a way that’s user-friendly and authentic to you and how you do business, in order to understand what you do, whether it would be worth their while, and why they should take action.

Now, last week we got pretty tactical.

And sometimes seeing how something is implemented is the only way to really internalize a concept.

I like learning this way and I hope you do too.

But I did happen to notice that we’re still answering the same question from two weeks ago, and could probably spend another month answering it if we really wanted to.

So I’m going to zoom out from details a bit and aim to wrap this thing up with a bow on it this week because…

  1. I’m tired and still have 70% of all of our crap to move into the new house.
  2. I don’t want you to lose the forest for the trees.

Stop me at any point if something is unclear, too abstract, or merits a deeper dive…

And I’ll redirect the ship based on your feedback.

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