Consulting Research Update: My two-phase strategy

Time for another consulting firm lead gen research project update (last update, overall project scope).

I’m hitting the point now where I’ve obtained some basic information by sifting through curated lists of firms and asking questions here and there to new LinkedIn connections…

But will need to start some form of more serious interview data collection to progress further.

Here’s what my two-phase strategy is looking like at this point:

Phase 1: Do some loosey-goosey interviews with whatever percentage of the 60+ firms I’ve identified so far are willing to speak with me.

consulting research strategy phase 1

I’ll use this approach to further clarify some patterns I’m seeing and determine which hypotheses I want to test more broadly.

I’m hoping this will also help me figure out which more standardized survey questions are most important and what data I’ll be able to successfully collect.

Phase 2: Start with a broad Sales Navigator search using some basic filtering criteria (Industry = Management Consulting, Size = 1-10, 11-50, etc.) and apply a survey-first connection request approach.

consulting research strategy phase 2

I’ll then use that survey data to test the hypotheses I came up with and extract some additional insights through those firms that agree to interviews on the back end of taking the survey.

It’ll be a good while before Phase 2 actually happens…

So I’m considering publishing some preliminary findings after Phase 1 wraps up.

In the meantime though, how am I actually executing on this, you ask?

I’ll share some additional detail over the next few days.

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