Question: Can you create qualified leads with automation?

Like most other engineers I know, I too have frequent, recurring dreams of automating away all of my problems.

Case in point: about three years ago when I was still making the 35-minute commute into Nashville each morning, I was THIS close to putting my name down along with the $1k pre-order deposit on a Model 3 so that I could pop that baby into autopilot and “be more productive” as I allowed this 3,800 lb machine to swiftly carry me along I-65, at 75 mph, without my input.

That was before the whole, “you have to keep your hands on the wheel so you don’t fall asleep and die” thing…


As I age and accumulate some semblance of life experience and wisdom, I recognize the hubris involved in my “automation is the answer” thought process.

And through experience, I’ve realized that my soon-to-be-released hit single “Mo Automation, Mo Problems” holds true in the majority of cases where you initially think your grand plan is going to deliver you hours of hammock-swaying relaxation as the robots do your bidding.

Much of the time, you end up with a result something like this:

BUT, there are certainly cases in which automating an otherwise hassle-filled process can deliver nirvana-like results… under the right circumstances.

That brings me to this week’s question.

And list member Jim Rowell of Rising Sun Consultants (shared with permission) threw out a doozie for us:

“How [ do you ] move prospects from the top of the sales funnel into a “real” and qualified lead by using automation and technology so it takes less of me personally calling a lot of folks only to find out they were not the right person or not interested at all?”


If that doesn’t hit the nail on the head, I don’t know what else possibly could 🙂

Now, full confession:

I’ve been sitting on Jim’s question for about 3 weeks now because this is a monster of a topic that deserves a full, comprehensive treatment.

But I’ve mustered up the gumption to start chipping away at it next week, and hopefully do this excellent question justice.

Ready to go down the rabbit hole with me?

In the meantime, if there are any specifics you’d like to see addressed related to Jim’s question, email me at and let me know.

I’ll do my best to incorporate them as we walk this one through.

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