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Our most recent emails

A list of lead gen mistakes
One thing we all do, as the unrelenting optimists that we are, is place our focus on this question: "How[...]
How do I find out what they value?
In response to Tuesday’s email, list member Stephen Kuenzli, founder of Qualimente writes: "My question to you is: How do[...]
More on hidden value
So the other thing that happens when you uncover the true-yet-hidden value embedded in your service... Is that now you[...]
Principle: Meet them where the value lies
From a recent client conversation: "A client referral is a slam dunk… but new prospects drag out forever." You didn’t[...]
Is risk really risky?
On Friday I had a conversation with a firm owner over dinner, and we meandered our way around to talking[...]
More marketing mismatch monologue
People who are playing the generalist volume game are (naturally) more likely to appear in your feed, search, and inbox.[...]
A list of things an email list is for
You know that thing that happens when you sit down to work... And get so wrapped up in one particular[...]
Go to the station.
The train will appear. Thank you Steven Pressfield, for this esoteric one-liner that blew my mind yesterday. Sometimes you need[...]
When what you see is not what you get
Yesterday I highlighted the survivorship bias that comes along with goal setting. Which is a manifestation of the broader problem[...]
Winners and losers have the same goals
James Clear loves systems. James Clear is my kinda guy. And he has one of the best takes I’ve seen[...]

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