Automation Step 1: Does your current process work?

Let’s get right into answering our automation question.

Email Marketing Automation Step 1… actually has nothing to do with email at all.

Because first, we need to take stock of how our current process (if we have one) is performing.

Here are four questions to ask:

  1. Lead Gen: Is your website generating inbound visits and either contact form intakes or new email subscribers? Alternatively, is your cold outreach reliably generating replies from leads who express interest in what you do?
  2. Qualification: Do you have a clear set of qualification criteria that help you identify whether or not a new lead would be a fit for your service?
  3. Sales: Once you have a lead in your pipeline, can you or your team reliably move them down the funnel with a series of calls, meetings, and/or emails?
  4. Closing: Do you or your team have the ability to close consistently (meaning you have a good read on your closing ratio and feel confident in your execution)?

If you answered “no” to any of these four questions, don’t automate yet.

If you do before you’re ready, you’ll end up, as my sensei likes to say, “optimizing a turd.”

That being said, tomorrow’s exercise will be helpful for you regardless.

We get to talk about flowcharts 🙂

P.S. What’s your process? If you’re open to sharing, email me at and let me know. I love collecting data points on this stuff.

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