Don’t check the scale

About a week ago I threw out an impromptu list of mistakes that often derail new lead gen projects.

One of them was:

A lack of patience for seeing it through and objectively analyzing the result, regardless of whether or not it seems like it’s initially working.

Now you may set out with this in mind, fully prepared that your new initiative could initially fail to produce measurable results.

But then…

Something nefarious starts to creep in.

Let’s call it “scale checking.”

scale checking

Metaphorically speaking:

  1. You start the new diet and exercise program, fully aware of how long you’ll need to stick it out to see results. THIS TIME I’m committed.
  2. Day 1 complete! Check.
  3. Day 2 complete! Check.
  4. Day 3 complete! Check. Hmm, let’s just for kicks jump on the scale and see if anything exciting is happening.
  5. Flash forward to the treadmill-as-laundry-drying-rack, 3 weeks of empty diet tracking app entries and daily oscillation between disappointment and rationalization post pizza consumption.

Bottom Line: Don’t assess performance until there’s something to assess.

In the early stages, there’s far more noise than signal.

And by “checking in” on that noise you’ll start to overthink, muck around, and generally screw up what you set out to do.

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