My early stage process for LinkedIn lead generation

So in addition to framing my approach to lead generation in flywheel terms

I also threw out a concept last week that seemed to stir up some interest among list members:

The LinkedIn Sandbox

Ooooo, what’s that?

Sounds official and well-developed.

Tell me more!


Hate to disappoint, but I made it up on the spot.


BUT, don’t fret.

I am actively working on this, both with clients and with little ole’ me.

I definitely think there’s something there, and you’ll likely see more from me on this as it evolves into something more tangible.

Now, while I don’t have this “sandbox” approach perfectly worked out yet…

I did have the pleasure of doing a “behind the scenes” walkthrough of what I’m doing on LinkedIn more generally with positioning grand-master Philip Morgan.

It’s 55 minutes of nitty-gritty, step-by-step, detail that explains exactly how I’ve used LinkedIn over the last few months (in combination with everything else I’m doing) to generate somewhere between 5 and 15 booked calls (not totally confident in my Google Analytics attribution here) with qualified prospects for Email for Experts.

Click this link or the thumbnail below to watch.

early linkedin process walkthrough

Here are some convenient timestamps to help you navigate through it:

0:40 – Some context on Philip’s 100×35 experiment
4:05 – Why use LinkedIn in the first place?
9:00 – How I’m using daily content syndication with LinkedIn posts to drive views and interest
13:40 – How likes and comments impact post visibility and how I’m using a “LinkedIn Pod” to give my content a boost
19:00 – How people find their way to the website from LinkedIn and either subscribe or book a call by optimizing my profile
33:20 – Why outreach is a key component of the “LinkedIn Machine” and how I use Sales Navigator to connect with my target audience and view their profiles
44:44 – How I use LinkedIn messages to generate conversations and leads for Email for Experts
50:17 – How much time and effort does all of this take?

Here’s that link again.

Hope you find it helpful, and happy to talk through it with you if you’re interested.

Just load up into your email machine and fire away.

P.S. About 50% of this process came directly from Jake Jorgovan’s generously-shared playbook over at Lead Cookie. If this sounds pretty awesome, but you’d rather outsource it to somebody who you can be confident really knows this stuff inside and out, I’d highly recommend checking them out.

P.P.S. The other half of this process comes from the honorable Liston Witherill’s hard-won insights. I definitely recommend following what he’s doing if you want to see high-level LinkedIn execution unfold right before your eyes (like this video post that generated 161 comments and 7,658 views).

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