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expertise-driven marketing principles, strategies, and examples.

  • Insights extracted from our research and work within the niche-expertise-driven consulting market.
  • Breakdowns and analysis of noteworthy lead generation approaches we find interesting, effective, and worthy of study.
  • Thoughts on the intersection of positioning, marketing strategy, and copywriting for experts with services that require nuance to explain.
Our most recent emails
smed image

SMED (and Shingo’s brilliance)

Quote of the day: When I ask about the major difficulties encountered in the many factories I visit, the response is usually brief: diversified, low-volume production. When I dig a little deeper and inquire why diversified, low-volume production constitutes a …

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starting small image

Starting small

Quote of the day: Starting small puts 100 percent of your energy on actually solving real problems for real people. It gives you a stronger foundation to grow from. It eliminates the friction of big infrastructure and gets right to …

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career capital craftsman

The Career Capital Theory of Great Work

Quote of the day: The Career Capital Theory of Great Work The traits that define great work are rare and valuable. Supply and demand says that if you want these traits you need rare and valuable skills to offer in …

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my lucky break podcast image

My lucky break (on a podcast)

Philip Morgan and Liston Witherill have found a way to accomplish something miraculous. They regularly go “offline” to record a podcast (titled Offline of course), and somehow manage to get said podcast “online” through… Quantum entanglement? Speaking of the laws …

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on the shoulders image

On the shoulders of giants

Quote of the day: ‘If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,’ wrote Isaac Newton in a letter to Robert Hooke in 1676. Although Newton was referring to his discoveries in optics rather than …

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expertise driven marketing conference

What expertise-driven marketing looks like

Let me tell you a story. Well… Scratch that actually. I’m not going to do the telling. But instead will highlight what this 10-person accounting-turned-energy-sector-consulting firm principal (Wolfram Moritz) told me in an interview yesterday and was kind of enough …

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survey first research interviews image

Survey-first market research (a CLG Study update)

It’s been a few weeks since the last Consulting Lead Gen Study research methodology update… And I’ve made a few changes. Primarily: I’ve switched over to survey-first LinkedIn outreach (which has been helpful now that I have a fairly standardized …

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Rebalancing your lead gen portfolio

There’s another distinction to be made via the lead generation methodologies we’ve been exploring. And that’s one of risk versus return (very much similar to how one might think of an investment portfolio). Simply put: we want to maximize return …

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turning pro means image

Turning pro means…

Deciding to adopt the habits of a professional. In marketing (and in life) this means: Endless OODA loops. Not getting comfortable. Not relying on Chance I: Blind luck. A “this might work” attitude. Matching patterns but not reasoning by analogy. …

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firm size matters marketing survey

Size does matter sometimes (for consulting marketing channels)

Apparently, there are 27 people who don’t listen to the 2Bobs podcast. So I feel compelled to help David and Blair out with my massive reach and mention their podcast here one more time this week. Most recently, they had …

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more naval lead generation

Some more Naval one-liners applied to lead generation

Some more Naval one-liners applied to lead generation: “No one can compete with you on being you. Most of life is a search for who and what needs you the most.” Specialize. Work towards excluding those who don’t fit what …

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lottery ticket numbers

Reading off winning lottery ticket numbers

From Naval Ravikant’s recent mega podcast on getting rich: “Avoid people who got rich quickly. They’re just giving you their winning lottery ticket numbers.” He expands on this: “This is generally true of advice anyway… if you ask a specific …

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one person cannot sleep

Content so compelling that one person cannot sleep tonight

A Monday research project insight for you from an interview I conducted with the co-founder of a 3-person research consulting firm last week. Like a, “we help DARPA” type research consulting firm. And their lead generation approach was fascinating. A …

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In order to be found, you have to be findable

Remember that old research project thing I was going on about a few weeks back. Yup, still trucking along… I’ve just made a few adjustments to make it a bit more sustainable and less labor-intensive. Long story short, I switched …

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launch newsletter part 2 email 2

How to launch a newsletter (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this two-part series we started to answer this question: “We’re starting up a monthly newsletter. How should we go about this?” And I then answered with another question: “What assets do you already have in place …

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launch newsletter part 1 thumbs up

How to launch a newsletter (Part 1)

Waste Consultants helps companies reduce and manage waste disposal and recycling expenses. In fact, they’re so good at helping businesses with this (less than desirable) task, that they operate on a pure performance basis. This likely means that embedded in …

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sales kpis marketing gary

Sales KPIs applied unscrupulously to marketing = no bueno

Well, I guess Gary Vaynerchuk was generous enough to spend the time to read my last email… Time travel back to the conference he was speaking at… And clarify some of the marketing performance measurement difficulties I was attempting to …

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email program feedback loop image

An email program feedback loop (a.k.a. how you know it’s working)

So yesterday… (Okay two days ago, but c’monnnn who’s counting really?) We explored how we can construct a feedback loop for our hypothetical weight loss objective. Today let’s extend that analogy to something we’re interested in that doesn’t involve giving …

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how its working weight feedback

How do you know if it’s working?

In response to my scale checking email on Monday, a fellow list member and firm owner (who chose to remain anonymous) provided this insightful reply: “This message, however, doesn’t help you know at what point your diet plan is or …

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scaling property randomness

The scaling property of randomness

So… What do you do when you don’t have time to finish writing what you had planned and then the entire day goes by before you get back to it? You quote Nassim Taleb of course. This one from Fooled …

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