Go behind the scenes

Quote of the day:

Give people a backstage pass and show them how your business works…

People are curious about how things are made. It’s why they like factory tours or behind-the-scenes footage on DVDs. They want to see who the sets are built, how the animation is done, how the director cast the film, etc. They want to know how and why other people make decisions.

Letting people behind the curtain changes your relationship with them. They’ll feel a bond with you and see you as human beings instead of a faceless company. They’ll see the sweat and effort that goes into what you sell. They’ll develop a deeper level of understanding and appreciation for what you do.

~ Jason Fried & DHH, Rework

Garyvee says, “document, don’t create.”

Austin Kleon says, “show your work.”

It’s all the same recommendation:

Put more of yourself and what your firm does out there for your audience to gravitate towards and respect you for.

What about what you do can you start to put on display?

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