A list of lead gen mistakes

One thing we all do, as the unrelenting optimists that we are, is place our focus on this question:

“How do I ensure that this goes right?”

A question we often don’t ask is:

“How would I ensure that this goes wrong?”

Now here’s where I would put some sort of Berkshire Hathaway quote because I vaguely remember this but can’t seem to find the reference…

(If anyone knows what I’m trying to remember here, kindly point me in the right direction please.)

But essentially the strategy is this:

Ask the second question.
Make a list of everything that would make whatever you’re working on almost guaranteed to fail.
And then just avoid all of those things at all costs.

So because I’ve dubbed today “Fastidious Friday,” I decided to give this a go, and wrote up a short list on how new lead generation projects get derailed:

  • A lack of focus
  • A lack of time blocked off in the schedule
  • A lack of a systematic approach that you can draw meaningful conclusions from
  • A lack of motivation to do a bunch of work that may not translate into a direct measurable payoff
  • A lack of trust that you’ll come upon something that works eventually if you stick with it and stay objective
  • A lack of runway so that you can put your existing lead gen in maintenance mode without freaking out when things are slow
  • A lack of patience for seeing it through and objectively analyzing the result, regardless of whether or not it seems like it’s initially working

Coincidentally, this list of mistakes could be used to describe, with almost precise accuracy, why Dwight failed to obtain the Golden Chalice as promised by The Dunder Code when the whole time it was right under their noses…

lead gen mistakes the office

Takeaway: I may have taken this The Office reference too deep and lost most of you. It’s a risk I was willing to take…

Real takeaway: If you’re serious about developing a new lead generation channel designed to be a long-term asset for your business, be cognizant of these risks and prepared for what might happen. It’ll be worth it… but only if you don’t abandon your pursuit prematurely.

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