The day Liston put me on the spot (about how I qualify leads)

I recently sat down with Liston Witherill (otherwise known as the “consulting sales savant”) on his Consulting Growth podcast to chat about qualifying leads for your consulting services.

As he puts it:

“When you aren’t qualifying leads, you are wasting time and money. But more importantly, if you aren’t qualifying leads efficiently, you are also wasting time and money.”

More specifically we talked about:

  • When you should think about applying some lead qualification criteria to your sales process.
  • How you can use a survey-like form (and a few other tools) to deliver pre-qualified prospects onto your calendar.
  • How I borderline offended Liston’s conversation-first sensibilities when I sent a lead he so generously sent my way over to my own qualification survey (and how I attempted to justify myself when
  • Liston put me on the spot).
    And some other important nuance I think you’ll find valuable.

Click the link below to head over and have a listen:

Listen to Liston and I argue vehemently about qualifying leads with surveys

(And by “argue vehemently” I mean have a great, productive conversation.)

Hope you like it!

P.S. Highly recommend subscribing to both his Consulting Growth and Modern Sales podcasts. (How many podcasts can one man have!?) Self-promotion aside, I was a listener well before I was a guest and his recommendations have completely transformed my sales process 🙂

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