Reading off winning lottery ticket numbers

From Naval Ravikant’s recent mega podcast on getting rich:

“Avoid people who got rich quickly. They’re just giving you their winning lottery ticket numbers.”

He expands on this:

“This is generally true of advice anyway… if you ask a specific person what worked for them, very often it’s just like they’re reading out the exact set of things that worked for them which may not be applicable for you.

They’re just reading you their winning lottery ticket numbers…

There is something to be learned from them. But you can’t just take their exact circumstance and map it onto yours.

The best founders I know… they listen to and read everyone, but then they ignore everybody and they make up their own mind.”

What I hope to do with The Consulting Lead Gen Study (yup, this thing has a name now) is to provide not just winning lottery ticket numbers from firms who happened to have struck gold…

But to provide you and others with patterns we can all use to map to our own circumstances.

And then decide whether to use, modify, or ignore.

P.S. Naval’s original twitter thread on this full of fascinating one-liners.

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