Marketing questions are business questions

If there’s one thing this research endeavor has taught me so far, it’s that good answers to lead generation and marketing questions are actually answers to core business questions.

For example, one of the key extensions of the findings from the study analysis is that in order to select the appropriate mix of lead generation methodologies for your firm, you first need to be able to answer some fundamental questions about…

  • What it is that you do, articulated in a clear and consistent way.
  • Who you best serve and need to be in regular conversation with.
  • The vision of what the next quarter, next year, next 3 years, and next 10 years look like in terms of revenue, profitability, accountabilities (org chart and positions), and operational details.
  • The results in terms of revenue, profit, clients acquired that are needed in order to both sustain the capacity of the firm and map to those short and long-term growth objectives.
  • How much time and budget you’re willing and able to invest in that growth and development and what your payback timeline constraints are.
  • How you’re going to fulfill the new work that’s being added to the firm’s load without degrading the deliverable quality and the firm’s culture.
  • And so on…

Sure there are strategic and tactical options we can pursue in the short term in order to get the ball moving… to acquire the next, say 1-5 clients.

Beyond that though, it quickly becomes unclear what the correct marketing decisions are without context on those deeper questions.

So in the end, the marketing and lead generation questions you really need to ask aren’t actually marketing questions at all.

They’re business system questions.

They’re vision questions.

They’re personal preference questions.

They’re life trajectory questions.

Answer those and we have a framework to address the marketing question with a level of precision (the appropriate level of precision, in my view) that is simply not possible otherwise.

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