More on hidden value

So the other thing that happens when you uncover the true-yet-hidden value embedded in your service…

Is that now you have something worth talking about.

A problem to solve or an opportunity to capitalize on that you can put your finger on in a way that starts to draw meaningful attention from your prospective clients during those initial interactions.

And no, not the problem that your audience is thinking about 4 times a year.

But the problem that your audience is thinking about 4 times a day… sometimes even 4 times an hour.

Meet them there.

Help them out.

Give them something without an expectation of return… which very much isn’t about posting 2 mediocre articles on LinkedIn and then saying, essentially, “HEY BUY TAX PREP SERVICES FROM ME.”

That’s not a thing that works anymore (if it ever did).

What is a thing, in our imaginary yoga studio situation from yesterday, is legitimately helping a business owner solve a problem that requires some perspective and information to get the job done.

Build a cadence of giving information and solving problems.

Do it once. Then do it again.

And eventually, those on the receiving end of that equation start to ask the question:

“Wait a minute, who IS this person!?”

And once that happens not only do you have an elevator ride’s worth of attention to give your pitch…

You have an hour phone call, or permission to send as long of an email as you need to in order to outline the value proposition of what you offer.

And that’s when the sales dynamic changes.

Not only is there trust: they know a bit about you and have some reassurance that you know what it’s like to run a yoga studio….

But you may have, through the helpful advice you’ve freely and publicly published, already saved them, say $40,000 by making better-informed decisions. Their life is measurably better as a result.

Then you’re not just the replaceable firm that saves yoga studios money.

You’re the owner’s trusted advisor, confidante, and an irreplaceable mainstay in their business.

And that goes far beyond “tax savings.”

The result?

Lifetime value skyrockets.

CAC becomes irrelevant.

Serving your clients becomes… enjoyable!?

This is possible.

It just takes patience, focus, and consistency to get there.

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