Should you market like Mosquito Joe?

This is Mosquito Joe.

mosquito joe
(Image credit: Mosquito Joe’s Instagram)

Well, actually I doubt this particular fellow’s name is Joe.

But nonetheless, Mosquito Joe does the Lord’s work.

Because right about this time of year, in Middle Tennessee (and more broadly across the southeastern U.S.), a swarm of evil, blood-sucking creatures start to brood in the back yards of innocent, unsuspecting families… ready to strike fear into the hearts of children and adults alike within moments of stepping outside the comfortable, AC-laden, confines of their otherwise peaceful homes.

And Joe has to the power to come in and blast these MF-ers into oblivion.

Simple, urgent, enraging problem: Mosquitoes totally suck.

Simple, easy, solution: Call the number on the yellow truck. Mosquitoes gone.

Mosquito Joe does not need an explanatory email sequence.

Mosquito Joe does not need a discovery call and custom proposal.

Mosquito Joe needs some yellow vans, a few yard signs, some local SEO, and a set of geo-targeted Facebook and Adwords ad campaigns run between the months of April and August.

Graded on a spectrum, you might actually be diametrically opposed to Mosquito Joe.

Not simple and clear, but instead complex, long-term, not-totally-visible problems.

Not simple and easy, but often meandering, difficult, and nuanced solutions.

You are not Mosquito Joe.

And therefore, the marketing calculus is a different one altogether.

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