My lucky break (on a podcast)

Philip Morgan and Liston Witherill have found a way to accomplish something miraculous.

They regularly go “offline” to record a podcast (titled Offline of course), and somehow manage to get said podcast “online” through…

Quantum entanglement?

Speaking of the laws of physics.

They were kind enough to grant me access to their offline cabal to discuss the role luck and random encounters play in success in marketing, business, or otherwise.

Here’s the link to the podcast episode, which I recommend you listen to if for no other reason than to hear Philip describe how he was lucky enough to have a snarky coworker in high school piss him off enough to apply and get into a top-tier college:

Listen to our meandering conversation…

…about how to navigate the “luck problem.”

And if you don’t like it, then you’ll just have to shake your fist at the universe because, by definition, there’s no way to contact the Offline podcast.

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