On the shoulders of giants

Quote of the day:

‘If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,’ wrote Isaac Newton in a letter to Robert Hooke in 1676. Although Newton was referring to his discoveries in optics rather than his more important work on gravity and the laws of motion, it is an apt comment on how science, and indeed the whole of civilization, is a series of incremental advances, each building on what went before.

~ Stephen Hawking, On The Shoulders of Giants

Funny enough, I purchased that tome of a book as a sophomore in college solely because it was thick, it looked serious, and my roommate had a copy on his desk… I could not be outdone.

It was only when I finally picked it up and brushed the dust off 5+ years later that I realized it was actually a useful read.

Which just goes to say, it’s okay to look down on college students like young Tom. Bless their hearts, their brains just aren’t fully developed yet.


Aside from that wild digression, that quote (and other similarly curated insights) is the type of email you should expect from me for the next few weeks.

It turns out that in order to publish research, you actually have to sit down and spend time analyzing, writing, and editing.

So in the interest of not (a) totally half-assing it, or (b) wildly blowing out my anticipated timeline Elon Musk-style…

I’m going short and sweet on the daily emails.

I’ll pop up from time to time with an update on my progress.

But until that bad boy is ready to roll, enjoy the elevator music and (probably welcome) change of pace on this here channel.

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