Content so compelling that one person cannot sleep tonight

A Monday research project insight for you from an interview I conducted with the co-founder of a 3-person research consulting firm last week.

Like a, “we help DARPA” type research consulting firm.

And their lead generation approach was fascinating.

A short snippet:

“Yeah, it’s always interviews. That’s just the way I operate, you know? So to interview the teams that have taken part in the challenge and some investors I know in the space industry. And basically, anybody who might have insights on what’s coming next… then to put it out in some form that makes sense. Maybe an article in one of those publications, or there are also specific new publications that are sent around DARPA…

But my perspective on content is basically if you can create something that makes it so one person cannot sleep, cannot go to bed that night… Has to think about it and do something with it… That’s good enough, you know? Then the purpose is accomplished with that piece, and that if you do that, then you have scalable content. Then you have something that works… That a lot of people actually want…

Because we live in a world of noise… It’s just the whole landscape has changed completely. It’s very hard to get noticed now unless you really focus on individuals, you know… Like the biggest impact you can with just one person or 10 people. But not much more. And then if it works, you add another layer. So that’s our thinking on it.”


That’s one to think on, isn’t it?

More of these to come.

P.S. If you’re willing to contribute to this research, I’d love to have you spend 5 minutes of your time to take this survey.

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