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At Email for Experts, we help specialized consulting firms create more high-value clients with expertise-driven marketing.

"Congratulations! The stats are in: 94 Orders, which equal a 2% conversion rate. Double what I was expecting... Possibly the biggest month in Valence history."
chris werstiuk
Chris Werstiuk
Founder, Valence Electrical Training Services

We optimize, automate, and scale Valence Electrical Training Services’ online platform

Chris is the go-to expert for Relay Technician training. But when he first came to us, the flood of ready-to-buy leads content marketing always promises hadn’t quite shown up yet. With a few tweaks in strategy, we were able to:
  • Increase the qualified prospects generated from their website from 16 per month to 106 per month
  • Free up more of his time to deliver high-ticket training seminars, and create new products
  • Automate his marketing to the point where he could take a few weeks off to go camping and come back to subscribers, sales, and a full pipeline
"The point of reference... is about two to three new clients a month would be a really good month for a financial planner. And for this month alone in May, I think the last I heard from him, he has about 35 phone calls that are scheduled of discovery calls. And based on the data we have so far, we can anticipate that will result in about 15 new clients. So really unbelievable..."
tim ulbrich
Tim Ulbrich
Co-Founder & CEO, Your Financial Pharmacist

We help Your Financial Pharmacist build a powerful inbound email marketing engine

After spending three years building a well-positioned, niche service business, the team at YFP was ready to upgrade their marketing and accelerate their growth. While working together, we were able to:

  • Build an authentic inbound email marketing system that welcomes, nurtures, and solicits feedback from their new subscribers based on their behavior and expressed interests
  • Rebrand and position their core service so that it aligns with their core value proposition and maps directly to the aspirations of their target prospects
  • Generate 113+ calls with high-value service prospects and accelerate the process of building out their financial planning team as a result of the demand
small batch standard logo
"Tom helped us develop an updated inbound marketing strategy... Since then we’ve seen a 2x increase in the number of new qualified leads. This is just the beginning of our work together, but I’m blown away by the progress we’ve made so far... If you’re an expert at what you do, but still haven’t got the marketing piece of the puzzle quite right, don’t hesitate."
chris farmand
Chris Farmand
Founder & CEO, Small Batch Standard

We amplify and leverage Small Batch Standard’s unique industry expertise

Small Batch Standard had spent the better part of a decade carving out their expertise in a niche most would be jealous of: craft breweries. But Chris knew they had untapped (pun intended) potential to land more clients, at higher prices, and continue to scale out the team. We’ve helped them:

  • Double the number of inbound discovery calls generated through their website, of which a significant portion close into new engagements
  • Generate 100+ new qualified prospects with authentic, content-based outreach through LinkedIn, cold email, and targeted SEO
  • Build out a back-end content platform and email promotion strategy which we've used to convert 10% of their subscribers into customers

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  • Your firm has at least $10k allocated for marketing and lead generation improvement.
  • Your firm is specialized enough to win new business without relying solely on the charisma, energy, or network of your principal (or whoever else is responsible for generating opportunities).
  • You have a point of view and something meaningful to say that differentiates your firm in the market and resonates with the decision makers that you'd like to reach.
  • You're willing to invest some time to complete our pre-call questionnaire and then spend 30 minutes on a call to determine if we'd be a fit to work together.
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