Custom (Yet Scalable) Market Research Outreach: The Details, Part 1

Last week, after I outlined how I’m conducting the interview outreach for my lead generation research project, I received a few questions asking for additional details.

So I decided to record some more of the nitty-gritty as I’m going about the setup and sending process in two parts.

Today is Part 1, where I walk through:

  • How and why I’m selecting a small initial cohort of prospects
  • How I’m “cleaning up” those prospects’ contact details
  • How I’m importing those contacts into so that they’re configured properly for the first campaign I’m sending

Forewarning: this is fully in the weeds. I won’t be offended if you decide to archive these for a rainy day.

Here’s the video:

Oh, and you’ll notice that this recording came out blurry as hell because I went full screen and Loom wasn’t quite up for the task…

I ain’t re-recording, so just squint and use your imagination to fill in the blanks 🙂

As always if you have questions, send ’em my way (

Part 2 tomorrow.

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