Sales KPIs applied unscrupulously to marketing = no bueno

Well, I guess Gary Vaynerchuk was generous enough to spend the time to read my last email

Time travel back to the conference he was speaking at…

And clarify some of the marketing performance measurement difficulties I was attempting to outline and solve.

sales kpis marketing gary

Here’s what he had to say:

“A marketer and a salesperson are fundamentally different with the same objective, with different time frames for that objective. Most companies are sales people. They want short-term results and building brand takes a long time and bringing value to a customer with the ability to then monetize 3 years from then is a totally different skill set than cold calling somebody and getting a sale.”

To summarize:

Both are functions accountable for the same objective (generate clients).

But the context in which you measure their respective performance is a big determining factor that ultimately impacts the success or failure of the overall program.

Question for you: If you do measure your marketing and sales performance, how do you do it?

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