YFP Case Study, Part 3: When an email sequence does its job

Hello there.

Thanks for checking out my half-baked final leg of this three-part case study (here are Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed it).

Here’s what the completed version of this post will (eventually) cover:

  1. What the “ask” actually looks like in practice (finally!) with the reveal, future pacing, and objection handling emails we talked about last time.
  2. How we implemented that “ask” first as a one-time launch to YFP’s existing list of subscribers, and subsequently as an automation sequence.
  3. What the results of that implementation were and what we might expect to happen long term.

Until then, below you’ll find video breakdowns and links to the emails in question if you’d like to start digging in.

Email 3: The reveal + some future pacing

View a full-sized version of the “reveal” email (email 3).

Email 4: Pace the future state + some objection handling

View a full-sized version of the “future pacing” email (email 4).

Email 5: Handle objections + The honest close

View a full-sized version of the “honest close” email (email 4).

Email 6: Follow up

This was implemented both as a one-time launch campaign to the existing list of email subscribers.

After we confirmed it’s effectiveness, we then implemented the sequence as an automation that any subscriber segmented into the “practicing pharmacist” bucket would receive after being welcomed onto the list.

service sales sequence part 3 automation

And here’s a look at what the call booking conversions looked like as it was all rolled out:

service sales sequence part 3 call booking results

Now to be clear, this is a fairly rare scenario in the client services world where the results are pretty cut and dry.

But if you have a less volume and a more complex value proposition you’ll also want to measure results in other ways (a more qualitative evaluation of whether or not you think the sequence made a significant difference to your sales conversation, for example).

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