Specialization reduces dependence

Time for another quick update as I continue to make my gleeful slog through this quite interesting data set.

Two things I’ve uncovered:

(And please forgive the crude display of said data.)

Thing 1: Apart from a few individual examples that prove otherwise, the client acquisition methods firms employ do not meaningfully correlate with firm size (up to 50 at least).

Thing 2: Specialization appears to reduce one’s dependence on referrals while increasing the effectiveness of content marketing and speaking (which functionally operate on similar principles).

specialization reduces dependence

Horizontally specialized firms experience some benefit.

Vertically specialized firms experience significant benefit.

Now of course, maybe it’s the other way around…

A lack of referrals pushes firms to get creative and figure out how to generate leads through other means, and they end up specializing as a result.

Or, the firms that decide to commit to content publishing and speaking are forced to specialize because otherwise, they have nothing meaningful to say worth paying attention to.

No matter how you spin it, it’s interesting nonetheless.

A thought-provoking interview quote:

“The free materials? They don’t really care about them, they just like to know that we have them… I really think they just like the brand name and they like that we have a what looks like a real business presence behind the brand.”

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Back to it.

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