We specialize in everything

Another update on the research front.

Some of the firms I’m coming across are beautifully specialized.

Like MindStream (who I’ll actually have the opportunity to speak with later today).

Pop over to their site and you instantaneously know exactly what they do and who they do it for.

specialize in everything mindstream

Scroll down a bit further, and if you’re a higher ed administrator who has this problem, your mouth starts to water.

specialize in everything mindstream 2

And I can see exactly how they would execute:

  • A LinkedIn outreach program
  • A cold email outreach program
  • Building an inbound email list and a regular newsletter
  • Higher ed conference talks, attendance, and networking
  • Joint webinars and podcast “touring” within the higher ed community
  • A broader content marketing program that people in their audience would actually care about and interact with (e.g. their own blog, LinkedIn posts, guest columns for Inside Higher Ed or The Chronicle of Higher Education, etc.)

For them, building a robust pipeline of potential clients that understand their mission, philosophy, and what working together might mean for their organization wouldn’t be a matter of…

“Will this work?”

But instead…

“Which option should we pursue first?”

On the other hand, there’s another pattern that’s emerged.

For example, if we take a look at AArete’s “About” page we see something quite different than a firm like MindStream:

specialize in everything aarete

“AArete is a fast-growing global management consulting firm with locations across the U.S. and London. We specialize in improving profitability for companies in a variety of industries. We excel at optimizing revenue, supply chains, improving performance and reducing costs for our clients.”

In other words:

  • We do everything
  • We do it everywhere
  • And we’re really good at it

Throw me into the fold with this business, and I can honestly say I would have no clue what to do next.

In fact, I’d probably say exactly what owners of these firms have been saying to me when I ask how they generate leads:

Our work sells itself

There might be something to this…

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