The Consulting Lead Gen Study

We’re working on a research project aimed at highlighting how consulting firms acquire new clients. It’ll be a publicly available resource we’ll provide back to the market.

The Goal: Develop an applicable understanding of how consulting firms of various sizes (by headcount) and levels of specialization acquire new clients, and whether what they’re doing for marketing and lead generation is working (or not).

Why: To help principals and firms better navigate their lead generation decisions. To deepen our expertise so that we can better advise clients and prospects.

What: We’ll publish a V1 report that establishes a “lay of the land” and highlights interesting and useful patterns extracted from interviews with principals and founders.

When: By mid July 2019.

Status: Research data analysis and report writing. Ongoing data collection.


If you run a consulting firm and are willing to contribute 5 minutes of your time, we’d love to include your insights. 

Your answers will inform the study, but will be kept 100% anonymous unless otherwise noted. (If you’d like us to feature your firm, we’d be happy to. There’s a spot to indicate that.)

Survey participants will also receive an early version of the results and Version 1 report.

Early Insights

specialization reduces dependence

Specialization reduces dependence

Time for another quick update as I continue to make my gleeful slog through this quite interesting data set. Two things I’ve uncovered: (And please forgive the crude display of said data.) Thing 1: Apart from a few individual examples …

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vertical specialization sparse image

Vertical specialization is sparse

I’m churning away on the CLG Study version 1 analysis and decided to pop in for a short update. A surprising thing I’ve uncovered: Only 6 of the 51 firms studied are vertically specialized (e.g. we consult for regional telecom …

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expertise driven marketing conference

What expertise-driven marketing looks like

Let me tell you a story. Well… Scratch that actually. I’m not going to do the telling. But instead will highlight what this 10-person accounting-turned-energy-sector-consulting firm principal (Wolfram Moritz) told me in an interview yesterday and was kind of enough …

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Rebalancing your lead gen portfolio

There’s another distinction to be made via the lead generation methodologies we’ve been exploring. And that’s one of risk versus return (very much similar to how one might think of an investment portfolio). Simply put: we want to maximize return …

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firm size matters marketing survey

Size does matter (for consulting marketing channels)

Apparently, there are 27 people who don’t listen to the 2Bobs podcast. So I feel compelled to help David and Blair out with my massive reach and mention their podcast here one more time this week. Most recently, they had …

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survey first research interviews image

Survey-first market research (a CLG Study update)

It’s been a few weeks since the last Consulting Lead Gen Study research methodology update… And I’ve made a few changes. Primarily: I’ve switched over to survey-first LinkedIn outreach (which has been helpful now that I have a fairly standardized …

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research outreach details part2 thumb

Custom (Yet Scalable) Market Research Outreach: The Details, Part 2

Okay, here’s Part 2 of the dive-into-the-weeds details of the research outreach email campaign I’m sending. Yesterday’s Part 1 video covered cohort setup (how I selected, cleaned, and organized the first group of prospects). Today’s video covers: How I’ve built …

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research outreach details part1 thumb

Custom (Yet Scalable) Market Research Outreach: The Details, Part 1

Last week, after I outlined how I’m conducting the interview outreach for my lead generation research project, I received a few questions asking for additional details. So I decided to record some more of the nitty-gritty as I’m going about …

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market research cold outreach map

Market Research Outreach: How I’m sending customized (yet scalable) cold outreach emails

Yesterday I introduced the set of interview questions that I’m aiming to get answered in the exploratory phase of this research project I’m pursuing. And so today I figured I’d talk through, more pragmatically, how I’m approaching that outreach process. …

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consulting market insight questions arc

Consulting Market Insight: What questions should I ask?

Within the next week or so, I’m going to be kicking off the “Phase 1” interview outreach I mentioned yesterday. My goal is to ask some open-ended questions that will hopefully lead to a slew of mind-bending “aha” moments… Or …

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