The Consulting Lead Gen Study

We’re working on a research project aimed at highlighting how consulting firms acquire new clients. It’ll be a publicly available resource we’ll provide back to the market.

The Goal: Develop an applicable understanding of how consulting firms of various sizes (by headcount) and levels of specialization acquire new clients, and whether what they’re doing for marketing and lead generation is working (or not).

Why: To help principals and firms better navigate their lead generation decisions. To deepen our expertise so that we can better advise clients and prospects.

What: We’ll publish a V1 report that establishes a “lay of the land” and highlights interesting and useful patterns extracted from interviews with principals and founders.

When: By mid October 2019.

Status: Guidebook Version 0.2 is currently with the designer being formatted.


If you run a consulting firm and are willing to contribute 5 minutes of your time, we’d love to include your insights. 

Your answers will inform the study, but will be kept 100% anonymous unless otherwise noted. (If you’d like us to feature your firm, we’d be happy to. There’s a spot to indicate that.)

Survey participants will also receive an early version of the results and Version 1 report.


the lead generation transparency problem

The Transparency Problem

Last week I sent over the first two findings from the CLG study to kick off the discussion with some details on the problem we’re aiming to solve. Virtually all of the bad marketing advice we’re mired with neglects this …

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marketing questions are business questions image

Marketing questions are business questions

If there’s one thing this research endeavor has taught me so far, it’s that good answers to lead generation and marketing questions are actually answers to core business questions. For example, one of the key extensions of the findings from …

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first two clg study findings

The first two CLG Study findings

Well… I did it. Granted, I went a bit scorched-earth in the process. In fact, you may have thought I decided to renounce my internet access and drop off the grid. But the deed is done, and v0 of The …

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specialization reduces dependence

Specialization reduces dependence

Time for another quick update as I continue to make my gleeful slog through this quite interesting data set. Two things I’ve uncovered: (And please forgive the crude display of said data.) Thing 1: Apart from a few individual examples …

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vertical specialization sparse image

Vertical specialization is sparse

I’m churning away on the CLG Study version 1 analysis and decided to pop in for a short update. A surprising thing I’ve uncovered: Only 6 of the 51 firms studied are vertically specialized (e.g. we consult for regional telecom …

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consulting research strategy phase 1

Consulting Research Update: My two-phase strategy

Time for another consulting firm lead gen research project update (last update, overall project scope). I’m hitting the point now where I’ve obtained some basic information by sifting through curated lists of firms and asking questions here and there to …

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preliminary firm research website inspection

Preliminary consulting firm research (What can I learn without speaking to a human?)

Don’t get me wrong… I enjoy a great one-on-one conversation as much as the next work-from-a-home-office introverted self-employed person. And yet, if I find myself in a conversation I’m not at least marginally prepared for with someone I don’t already …

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look up to mission

Who do you look up to?

Alright, I admit. I’ve led us into the tactical weeds as of late. Sometimes you gotta dig into the nitty-gritty, but it can certainly get exhausting. So for the next few weeks, I want to zoom out a bit. Well, …

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