The Consulting Lead Gen Study

We’re working on a research project aimed at highlighting how consulting firms acquire new clients. It’ll be a publicly available resource we’ll provide back to the market.

The Goal: Develop an applicable understanding of how consulting firms of various sizes (by headcount) and levels of specialization acquire new clients, and whether what they’re doing for marketing and lead generation is working (or not).

Why: To help principals and firms better navigate their lead generation decisions. To deepen our expertise so that we can better advise clients and prospects.

What: We’ll publish a V1 report that establishes a “lay of the land” and highlights interesting and useful patterns extracted from interviews with principals and founders.

When: By mid October 2019.

Status: Guidebook Version 0.2 is currently with the designer being formatted.


If you run a consulting firm and are willing to contribute 5 minutes of your time, we’d love to include your insights. 

Your answers will inform the study, but will be kept 100% anonymous unless otherwise noted. (If you’d like us to feature your firm, we’d be happy to. There’s a spot to indicate that.)

Survey participants will also receive an early version of the results and Version 1 report.


what you see correlation

When what you see is not what you get

Yesterday I highlighted the survivorship bias that comes along with goal setting. Which is a manifestation of the broader problem we have of conflating correlation and causation. Take, for example, the almost perfect correlation (r=0.947) between per capita cheese consumption …

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marketing mismatch problem

A marketing mismatch problem

“Digital Marketing” (as most people know it) was built for B2C. E-Commerce. Saas. Even brick and mortar and the local service industry have been dragged along, grumpy about the “new stuff.” The consulting world, by contrast, seems to run almost …

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observable consulting universe black hole

The observable (consulting) universe

You might have seen this. It’s the first ever image of a black hole. And it’s a friendly reminder that were such a thing to meander anywhere near Earth, at any moment, everything you’ve ever known would be instantaneously erased …

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