The logistics of logistics

Joe Lynch is a specialist.

I like specialists 🙂

Especially specialists with 3-word domain names (okay his is four… but I’ll overlook “the” for the moment).

Joe runs The Logistics of Logistics, and he helps transportation and logistics salespeople sell more services.

And he recently had me on his podcast of the same name.

I had a great time chatting with Joe, if nothing else to commiserate about our shared experience in the monolith that is the automotive industry…

But we did get around to talking email marketing with a more specific sales and prospecting bent.

A few things we covered:

[03:43] The distinction between inbound and outbound email marketing, and how those dynamics affect how you can (and should) communicate with your target audience

[05:59] How to build credibility with a new prospect without pitching

[14:20] How to avoid being “that person” and send cold email that doesn’t feel spammy

[20:29] Why generalists struggle with email marketing (and why specialization works so well)

[23:27] How should we think about email ROI?

[29:08] Why “traditional” inbound approaches (PPC, SEO, etc.) are rarely appropriate (at least initially) for small B2B organizations… and what to do instead

It’s a different angle on the problem you might find valuable.

Here’s the link to give it a listen.

And do email me at and let me know if there’s anything we discussed you’d like me to explore in more detail.

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