The three words that matter (for lead generation)

If I could only use three words…

Within the lead generation roadmapping sessions I conduct with new clients.

Those three words would be:

Patience, focus, and consistency.


  • Financially, so that you maintain leverage
  • Psychologically, so that you don’t come across anxious or needy
  • Socially, so that you give others a chance to be heard and establish trust in the process


  • On the task at hand, so that all of your energy is spent in “the now”
  • On the end state, so that you’re consistently editing your actions and redirecting yourself towards the goal
  • On what you can control, so that you don’t waste time shaking your fist at the sky and thrashing away, attempting to bend the laws of nature to your will


  • In action, so that you’re always making progress, inch by inch, and accumulating the compounding effect of 365 days a year of progress
  • In effort, so that you give enough to keep yourself engaged in the process, but not so much that you burn yourself out of the game
  • In attitude, so that regardless of the size of the blow or victory, you remain grounded, grateful, and open to the process

Do you really need much else?

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