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Chris is the go-to expert for Relay Technician training.

He wrote a handbook that became the industry gold standard for Protective Relay Testing.

He has over a decade of in-the-field experience working with the technicians he trains, and companies he contracts with.

He has a every technical credential, a deep network, and ecstatic clients for his seminars, books, and courses.

But after a few years of blogging, Youtube videos, and email "blasts" his website leads had peaked...

He was doing a lot of the "right" things everyone says you should be doing to get the word out... 

But was having a hard time keeping up and marketing himself strategically.

And no wonder.

Because wearing the expert hat AND the marketing hat is one of the biggest challenges there is for consultants, coaches, and trainers, especially when you’re booked up with clients.

With new products to develop, training resources to create, and on-site training seminars to deliver to pay the bills, there isn't much time left over to take a step back and change up your approach.

That's when Chris decided to reach out...

With a few tweaks in strategy, we were able to:

  • Increase the qualified prospects coming in from his website from 16 per month to 106 per month
  • Free up more of his time to deliver high-ticket training seminars, and create new courses and products
  • Automate his marketing to the point where he could take a few weeks off to go camping and come back to subscribers, sales, and a full pipeline

Here's how we did it...

Are you in the same boat as Chris?

All it takes is a few questions and about 45 minutes to find out. 

First, we surveyed his audience, pulled together existing feedback from emails and forms on his site, and conducted external research online to find out who they were and what they wanted. 

It was clear that his target market was Relay Technicians and Training Managers, but we needed to go deeper to understand:

  • How did they talk about the problems they were having, in their own words?

  • What were their career aspirations (i.e. what was their why)?

  • What types of resources (books, videos, PDF downloads) would best serve those needs?

From this list, we were able to set the foundation for the copy we would later implement on the website, on sales pages, and during product launches.

We also used it to develop a new core email opt-in offer on the site...

That took him from a set of generic forms like this one...

To a highly specific set of offers targeted directly at one of his audience's most pressing pain points: how to test relays without wasting time and making mistakes.

Implementing this one change increased his email opt-in conversion rates from 0.4% (which meant he was getting 16 email subscribers per month) to 2.7% (which meant 100+ email subscribers per month).

And not only that, his subscribers LOVED hearing from him, with sky-high open and click through rates on his welcome sequence emails.

With the subscribers rolling in, the next order of business was to...

Re-build and re-launch his online course platform to his existing list of subscribers.

First up, we rewrote the copy and re-built the sales page for his online courses using the copywriting guidelines we established from the initial research phase.

We then paired this with a sales email launch series we developed that first "warmed up" his subscribers, and then introduced the online training updates and sales page with some scarcity built in (a time limit before the price increased).

This single launch brought in 44% more than his average monthly revenue in just 1 week... despite the majority of his list having already been exposed to the three courses available on the platform.

After the success of the initial launch, we converted this sequence into an automated evergreen email series that continues to bring in monthly recurring revenue.

We've since been able to...

Free up his time to finish his new Motor Testing book, which we launched to an all time online monthly revenue record...

And build a user-friendly automated lead nurturing sequence that delivers useful content for up to 6 months before Chris ever has to produce something new for his subscribers.

Today Chris is working on:

Writing a new book that will address a key problem in the generator testing world.

Developing a new online course to add to the three he's already created.

And oh yea... spending a lot more time in his house car touring the gorgeous Colorado campground circuit.

valence case study image 5

The perfect example of the power of an automated marketing funnel for a true subject matter expert.

But the hardest part, was just getting started.

If Chris' story resonates with you, let's chat about whether an email funnel is right for your business.

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