Vertical specialization is sparse

I’m churning away on the CLG Study version 1 analysis and decided to pop in for a short update.

A surprising thing I’ve uncovered:

Only 6 of the 51 firms studied are vertically specialized (e.g. we consult for regional telecom providers). That in contrast to 20 firms that have at least some horizontal specialization (e.g. business model design consulting) and 25 firms that have chosen not to specialize.

An interesting thing I’ve uncovered:

None of the 141 client acquisition methods mentioned (explicitly at least) include paid advertising.

A thought-provoking interview quote:

“Yeah, but even if we have a direct lead, those sales cycles are still pretty long… And this is the problem of going through your network. You’re not pulling in people who are ready to pull the trigger. You’re just… networking.”

What’s your take?

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